Frequently Asked Questions
Your meter number is the 11-digit numbers printed on your Meter card. If you have lost or misplaced the meter card, press 65 then the blue button, the meter number is the 11-digit numbers that displays on the screen.
You can recharge your depleted meter units by logging on to select your DisCO from the list, supply your meter number and amount, and the phone number to receive the credit token. Our state-of-the art and easy to use system will guide you through the rest of the process.
Our system (mobile and internet) is integrated with a payment gateway that allows you to pay with your card or bank transfer. However, if you do not wish to use your card or do not know how to do this, kindly contact any of our Re-sellers closest to you and they would be willing to assist.
Absolutely! On the homepage, select "Postpaid" on the buy form and supply the details, including your account number and the amount you wish to pay. Our state-of-the art and easy to use system will guide you through the rest of the process. You can also approach any of our Re-sellers to make your payment.
Your account number is located on the electricity bill delivered to you by the distribution company. You would require the number during payment to ensure that your account is credited once the payment is made.
Once you have completed your purchase transaction on the platform, you will receive a response via a text message and an email, containing a 20-digit set of numbers (please note that this may be different for your DisCO). These numbers are unique to your meter numbers and should be carefully punched into your meter using the keypad.
Your account will be charged exactly the amount you type into the buy form plus an optional convenience fee. This amount is further divided into VAT of 5% and energy charge. To derive your energy charge, divide your requested amount by 1.05. The difference between your requested amount and the energy charge represents the statutory consumption tax called VAT.
Your energy cost is a function of your tarrif class. To know your tarrif class and the corresponding rate, please contact your DisCO.
Your Distribution Company (DisCO) is the electricity distribution company that serves your area. This therefore depends on which part of the country you are. Currently, there are 11 DisCOs in Nigeria.
Anyone can be a Re-seller. The only criteria are a functional mobile phone (Android and iOS only) and a minimum startup capital of #30,000. You sales will be deducted from this amount each time you transact while you collect cash or bank transfer from your patrons.
We are only closed in the 25th hour of the day. However, if you require meter recharge or postpaid bill payment 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24/7), we are available. You can also contact any of our Re-sellers, albeit at their nominated opening hours.

No please, except if you vend two tokens at the same time and mistakenly load the second token first. This will cause some meters to reject the first token due to the time tag on the transactions.

In the rare event that such happens, kindly report the case to your DisCO to establish the non-loaded token and re-allign to enable Customer load the units.

You get a sum of #80 for every transaction that you make. You are required to charge the customer this amount in addition to their requested amount. It is similar to the convenience fee except that the re-seller retains it as profit in this case.
Either as an individual or as a Re-seller, Lumia provides you access to your purchase history. Therefore, if due to network glitches you do not receive the credit token, you can always go to your purchase history in the app or online to retrieve your token.